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News, the occasional rant and maybe even something smart to say. If I'm going to write it down for posterity, it's going to be here.


Introducing... Blog

Welcome, I have a blog!

I guess I'm old enough and far enough into my career(s) now that I might actually have something useful to say or show without it all being too much of an amateurish rant. Even the pro's were amateurs at some point, so maybe with a bit of practise any rants on here will get better and better. If anything, this serves to consolidate my thoughts on any subject that I'm ruminating on in medical communications and device design. At least stay tuned for the Doodle of the Day posts!

OK, lets see if we can get to 50 posts in one year. Modest goals. Help me out.

Check back in a bit!

Glen Oomen