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Why Design Matters

Before you decide whether design matters, maybe you should decide what design actually is. I found this great little article in an old Canadian Business Magazine and thought I should share with what started out as just a few of my thoughts on the subject, and well…I could have kept going. I don’t once use the word “innovation”, though, in case you’re tired of it.

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Desert Island Books: "The End of Average" by Todd Rose.

In short, this is a great little read if you work in design - whether that's interface, experience, industrial design or what have you. It's a great read if you're in human resources. It's also a really great little summer read if you're a teacher or educator working with little and not-so-little minds, unique and not-so-average as they always are. But this is an even greater read if you, like me, never quite feel like you fit in anywhere.

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